Dear people.

We would like to introduce ourselves and connect.

We have bought a former inn in the countryside in Carinthia/Kärnten/Koroska. We’d be delighted if you could imagine joining us in a reflection of how we can make the place accessible for many people.

Here are a few words to the place itself.

The Location
A queer feminist project location ist currently developing in the country side. There is a lot of space available, more than 700 square meters of living and project space as well as workshops, a barn and hay barn. There are countless possibilities to use and bring the place to life. We’re thinking of a residence for vacations and taking it easy, seminars, retreats, band camps, dance weeks, planting vegetables and raising seedlings.
We’re thinking of a FLINTA*-electrical business, a repair café, a give-away shop, work trainings for young FLINTA* and events of all kinds. We want to have a space there for all genders as well as a FLINTA* (Female, Lesbian, Inter, NonBinary, Trans, Agender,*) space.

The Vision
We are inspired by the idea to create a place which can serve for refuge and transformation – including the next generations. In the current state of world – with resurging fascism and right-wing, patriarchal positions as well as an all-devouring capitalism and its consequences, it seems more reasonable than ever to create places where change can be implied, places of movement and encounter. We see a lot of sense in creating structures in the countryside too, not only in the urban centers. To make this work, we need people who see things similiarly and who are interested in bringing this place to life.

The Realization
With the GemSe, a place for experimenting with other life plans as well as a space for learning and working is born. Very practical and rooted with both feet on the ground. With workshops, a garden, a kitchen and everything else that goes with it. A place that can give meaning and refuge to people who need it. As intersectionally as possible.

Our ground of reasoning is queer feminist and identifies patriarchy as the source of many of society’s problems. In the GemSe, we want to develop and try out structures that may be able to supersede the patriarchal and capitalistic leitmotif of our current society.  With radical tenderness.

Because capitalism with its consequences contributes to the precarious conditions in which people live, with little time or energy to concern themselves with necessary changes, we live in a common economy. This way, we can support each other to learn a different way of operating economically and spread it to the world. Collectifying property is a part of this. We are buying as an association and are withdrawing this valuable place from the housing market and the current logic of inheritance.

The local economy and the social network around us is dear to us and we see small-structured agriculture, local cycles (social and economical) and a conservative use of ressources as core elements of change. Our climate, social and health crisis-stricken world needs this change badly.

We are dedicated to diversity. That’s we are antiracist and antifascist and take social developments seriously.

To realize this vision, we first have to secure funding. We must pay the purchase amount until the end of 2021 ! That’s why we are looking for people who want to support us with direct loans. Direct loans are a very interesting possibility to put your own money where it is really needed, instead of depositing it in a bank where it used for intransparent investments. Here, you can see directly where the money is going. To an emancipatory location for a better future. We are in exchange with the network habiTAT and can draw on their legal expertise.

Solidary greetings,
the GemSe – initiators Katrin, Lie, Marlies and Mira