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Working groups and GemSe satellites

The GemSe depends on the members of working groups and the people who support the GemSe from other locations or who temporarily support it on site (the GemSe satellites).

There are working groups that deal with various topics related to the GemSe, such as saving energy, keeping track of finances, sharing privileges, public relations work or the bees that live here.

Hands-on days

Several times a year, we organise “Anpacktage” ( meaning ” hands-on days”) for the many small and large construction sites in the GemSe. Here we screw, build, cook, eat, tinker and work together. If you would like to join in the fun, please register for the next “Anpacktage”. You can find more information under Current events.

Anpacktage GemSe April 2023 (c) Carolina Frank
Anpacktage GemSe April 2023 (c) Carolina Frank