Our vision

Safe space and intersectional practice
The GemSe is a space for experimenting with different approaches to life as well as a learning and working space. Very hands-on and with both feet on the ground.
With workshops, a garden, kitchen and everything that goes with it. A place that can give meaning and provide shelter for people who need it. And as intersectional as possible.

Queer-feminist and anti patriarchal
Our basic understanding is, among other things, queer-feminist and thus clearly addresses patriarchy as the source of many social problems. The GemSe is about testing and developing structures that can overcome the patriarchal and capitalist paradigm of our current society. With different ways of relating and radical gentleness.

Sharing money and income
Since capitalism with all its consequences contributes to people living in precarious conditions and having neither the time nor the energy to deal with the necessary changes, we practise a sharing economy in order to support each other in learning a different form of doing economy and bringing it into the world.

Communitising land and property
This also includes the communitisation of the property. We as an association buy and permanently withdraw this precious place from the property market and the usual inheritance logic.

Conserving resources, ecologically and socially
We care about the regional economy and the social network around us and see small-scale agriculture, local economic and social cycles and the careful use of resources as a central element of change. A world characterised by climate, social and health crises urgently needs this.

More diversity
Diversity is important to us. That is why we are anti-fascist and anti-racist and take current authoritarian and right-wing conservative developments seriously.