The project

“GemSe – Gemeinsam Sein” is a queerfeminist project space in a former country inn in Wertschach/Dvorče in the Gailtal valley.

(c) Carolina Frank

The inn was bought in 2021 as a collective and association and offers a lot of possibilities and space. It is a FLINTA* space (women, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans, agender*) with areas for all genders.

There are over 700m² of living and project space and 6000m² of land as well as workshops, a stable and a hay barn, and plenty of space for holidays and doing nothing, for seminars, retreats, band camps and events of all kinds. There is also a Kostnix shop and a library, as well as space for growing vegetables and growing young plants. Over the next few years, the focus of construction will be on the accessibility of the buildings.

We are inspired by the idea of creating a space that can be a place of retreat and transformation – for generations to come.

In a world as it is right now – with re-emerging fascism and right-wing patriarchal attitudes, deeply entrenched and normalised racism as well as all-consuming capitalism and its consequences – it seems to us more important than ever to create places where change can be implemented, places for social movements and exchange.

We see a lot of value in establishing structures in the rural areas as well, not just in the urban areas.

For this to succeed, we need people who see it as we do and who want to help shape this place and help finance it.