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Civil courage training and queer-feminist argumentation circle training

When? 08.02.2024, 5 pm

Where? schau.räume, Draupromenade 6, 9500 Villach

Who is invited? All gender

Registration and Informations: gemse_gailtal[at]

Language: German

On the bus, in the queue or at the family dinner table – we are constantly confronted with situations that go against the grain. Violent actions, discriminatory statements and dominating conversations often push us to the edge of our own room for maneuver. This often raises the question: What is actually happening? Do I look the other way? Do I intervene? Do I dare to say something – and if so, what?

Recognizing your own sphere of influence and intervening requires self-reflection, empathy, courage and practice. In the form of regular “circle training”, we want to deal with current social issues and personal scope for action and practise moral courage within our own boundaries.

Argumentation training took place at the GemSe in October 2023. We are building on this, but it is not a prerequisite, but rather a source of ideas for a biannual event that also offers us space for exchange and mutual encouragement.

Design: Luxi Pratter, Mika Palmisano, Alina Zeichen

Organizers: GemSe association, KD Barba, schau.Räume